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Consulting Services Agreement
Even though the spoken word is the most important thing in the human being, in today’s world, many of those values have changed. For us, they continue to be truth, though. That simple thing allow us to help you with the service of agreement in a general sense.

Hiring a consultant offers a host of valuable benefits for your business. And while there are associated risks, a strong written contract can offer a certain amount of protection. Castillo Tax Service has created an easy-to-use Consulting Services Agreement you can begin using today.

A Consulting Services Agreement gives you:

• Protection:
Safeguard your business from IRS or state tax authority audits that attempt to reclassify the consultant as an employee.

• Dos & Don’ts:
Learn about the parameters covered in the document.

• Detailed Instructions:
Follow the step-by-step instructions to complete your form.

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